15 oktober 2008   The Journey
Duitsland Boppard e.o.











When we are equipped, we eat trout in the hotel today. Then we walk along the water and over the shopping lane back to the hotel.









We have a coffee and then go further. It's raining softly and the sun is behind the clouds.
Grandparents may spend sometimes a day with their grandchildren and so is it that we go from Heemstede
When we approach Boppard the highway is closed and we have to drive over a scenic road. That is a meanderroad over the low mountains with real hairpins along the Rhine where the environment is shrouded in autumn colors and so that last piece becomes a touristic route.


 directly to Gerard and Elly and drive to Boppard.

We leave about 3 o'clock from Stevensbeek and drive over the German motorways, which are much in repair, to the first stop at a Burger King.

It is about 5 o'clock then.



If we final approach Boppard we suddenly go down to the Rhine and drive further along the quay to the hotel where we will stay 4 nights.









It is an old hotel where some restoration is done to have two and a half star. No lift, so we have to climb with the luggage 48 steps to the rooms. We only have to go once up and once down with the luggage and that will do for 4 days.












The rooms are fairly large, the smoking room of Gerard is colossal, with sofa and chair in the bay on the corner. We look at the Rhine and the ferry lies at the doorstep to go across. We can do it by car.






















Tomorrow we go on.