April 26  2008  The journey to Hamburg
Germany 2008   The Hanseatic towns









pianist with an electronic piano, that makes too much noise in this space.

We persist this to ten thirty and will spend the first night in Hamburg in our big beds.


On one day, the four of us decided, to use the May vacation together to pay a visit at the German Hanzecities. Elly manages the hotels. And so today we go off.


















8:45 o’clock we depart from Waalwijk and arrive a quarter to ten in Stevensbeek. The first appointment does not work out already as it should be: We are a quarter of an hour late. During that first trip the phone rings and there is Herman, who reports, that he has already arrived in Toscana after a night trip from 7 PM the previous evening.









We drink coffee at Ell’s, and Gerard receives a telephone call from a musician, whose bass was broken and he wanted another one. For that purpose we must hand over a key in Cuijk and that should happen when we are on the way. Gerard has still problems with his garbage bin, but that will be solved not too quick. In the meantime I load up the car of Elly with their things and bring our stuff to the Toyoto Avensis.













We have beautiful chambers in this new hotel with view over the Elbe. The ferry to the city lies at the door. We enjoy the view and the see ships coming along. We




At least we depart at 11 o’clock and first we drive to Cuijk at the Macdonald to hand over the key and subsequently we go over the A50 via Arnhem and Apeldoorn to the A1 to move on further over that way to Hengelo, where we arrive at 1 o’clock We lunch at “van der Valk” and continue our trip to Germany. Further on we drive over the E37 and inserted in Wildeshausen a sanitary stop and take there also coffee and something else to drink. There was an enormous hall for smokers and after troubles with Gerard’s coffee and milk we move on via Osnabruck and Bremen to Hamburg, where we arrive at 17:55 at the “Golden Tulip” hotel.



stay here 2 nights, we have a drink in Ell’s chamber, walk around the shore and then go about 8 o'clock for diner, that is included today in the arrangement. A buffet; not so great, but with living person music of a